DC VAULT Training

Winter Registration Now Open!

December - February

See SCHEDULE for Class Times and Locations BEFORE Registering for Your Class Package!

Specialty Packages


  • $200 = 5 classes / $500 = 15 classes

  • Ages 6-10 only (must be 6-10 years of age at time of registration – no exceptions)

  • Beginner + Intermediate skill levels

  • Participants can choose to take their classes during any regularly scheduled Fly-Kids session throughout the Winter training quarter. Take them all at once or spread them out over the entire quarter! Begin at any point during the quarter, but all sessions must be completed in a single seasonal training quarter.

  • Please refer to the SCHEDULE for class times and locations before registering.

  • No carry-overs, make-ups or pro-rating

Monthly Packages (All Ages)

All Ages

  • $225 = 1 class per week

  • All Ages (athletes under age 11 must get pre-approval to register for this group)

  • Beginner-Intermediate skill levels

  • Participants train in 1 All Ages Beginner-Intermediate session per week during a single calendar month. The specific month is chosen during registration. All classes must be completed during one calendar month.

  • Please refer to the SCHEDULE for class times and locations before registering.

  • No carry-overs, make-ups or pro-rating

Winter 2021 Registration is NOW OPEN!


General Registration and Course Information

Course Offerings:

Training programs are available year-round and typically offered in seasonal quarters as shown below. Some specialty packages are available on a monthly basis.

  • Spring (March – May)

  • Summer (June - August)

  • Fall (September - November)

  • Winter (December - February)

Registration Dates:

  • Spring (Feb 1st registration opens)

  • Summer (May 1st registration opens)

  • Fall (Aug 15th registration opens)

  • Winter (Nov 1st registration opens)

Training Groups:

Athletes register for one of the following training groups during registration. They are able to then choose what class package or specialty options they would like based on seasonal availability.

  • FLY-KIDS DC (6-10)

  • Adult (21 and up)

  • Beginner (all ages 11 and over)

  • Intermediate (all ages 11 and over)

  • Emerging Elite/Elite/Pro (invite only)

  • Strength Training (ages 13 and over)

Note: Groups may be shown together during registration and scheduling (youth/adult, etc…) but are trained separately during class.

Adults may choose to register for the Adult only group (21 and up) or for a Beginner/Intermediate group (14 and up) depending on which course works best for their schedule.

For specific training group and program descriptions, please consult the training section of our website.

Assigned Group:

Athletes are not permitted to move from one group to another once they begin a course as training group programs vary.

Makeup Sessions:

There are typically one to two makeup sessions held at the end of each training quarter for athletes who need to miss a session and notify DC Vault staff via email in advance. Absence requests should be sent to DCVault@DCVault.org. The specific makeup dates are added to the training calendar towards the end of each program.


For specific schedule details on a current or upcoming training course, please consult the DC Vault training calendar. Look for the training group of interest and click on the time slot to view details (date, time, location, course duration, etc…).

The schedule for an upcoming training quarter is typically posted one month in advance.

NOTE: ALWAYS check the schedule before attending your assigned class in case of changes due to weather or other factors. ANY and ALL changes to the training schedule are immediately posted to the DC Vault training calendar


Courses are primarily offered at the DC Vault Training Facility located at 2100 East Capitol street NE Washington, DC but may also be offered seasonally at one of one of our partner facilities.

During registration the available facilities will appear for selection once you choose your desired group and course.

The location for an upcoming class can be viewed in the training calendar by clicking on any scheduled session.


DC Vault provides all needed equipment, poles, etc. during scheduled training sessions.

SPIKES: Absolutely no spikes longer than 1/8” are permitted at the DC Vault Home Training Facility located at 2100 East Capitol street NE, DC!

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